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Rooms for rent

Movement room

Great for hosting yoga or gym classes
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Hybrid room

Bright, spacious, and representative
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Seminar room

Comfy space for discussions
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Large kitchen

Institutional charm with huge pots
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Rent a room in the Semmelweisklinik

On 3800m² and three floors, we have a variety of rooms to rent on a daily basis. We have space for your project, installation, event, photo shoot, or other activity. Rent a comfy seminar room, a minimalist-looking white box, a large-scale kitchen, or something else!

Directly in front of the building is a parking lot, which you can use for loading activities. An electricity connection of the Wiener Netze is located in an adjacent house.

Most of our rooms on this page also have adjoining rooms that can be used as well. In addition, the Semmelweisklinik offers countless other rooms, nooks and crannies that could be interesting for your project - we would be happy to give you a tour!

Are you interested in renting a room? Send us an email to:

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