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Centre for Arts and Culture

In the former Ignaz Semmelweis Women's Hospital, the heritage admin­istra­tive building is poised to become a new centre for arts and cultural work. In a tem­po­rary use project running until late 2025, its empty rooms will be opened to the public with work­shops, studio spaces, seminar, rehearsal, and function rooms available for rent.

A diverse group of artists and cultural workers created in 2022 a public-benefit orga­ni­sation. They will operate the centre and are looking forward to co-creating innovative events in this historical location. The project is being developed in co-operation with the estate company BIG and the city bureau Kreative Räume Wien.

One abandoned hall will be trans­formed into a wheelchair-friendly venue for visual arts, theatre, perfor­mance, music, and more.

in medio - a documentary by Olya Martsenyuk about the Semmelweisklinik

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