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Centre for Arts and Culture

In June 2022, we opened the decentralised Semmelweisklinik art and culture centre on the site of the former Ignaz Semmelweis Women's Clinic (House 4), a creative interim use of 3,800 m2 currently until the end of 2025. Our self-managed centre is intended as a low-threshold space for independent artistic production, inclusive exchange and cooperation as well as education and social action.
In 40 studios with around 90 artists and cultural actors, six public event spaces, workshops and low-barrier meeting zones, we explore experimental possibilities for a diverse, robust and sustainable urban society. Joint processes in our microcosm continuously confront us with current socio-political issues such as gender equality, diversity-orientated openness and climate-friendly methods, which we want to address in an artistic and regenerative way.
Our organisational structure, activities and programmes are characterised by innovative strategies, participatory methods and engagement with society as a whole; we actively network with artists, cultural actors and organisations at local, national and international level.

in medio - a documentary by Olya Martsenyuk about the Semmelweisklinik

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Hockegasse 37, Haus 4
1180 Vienna

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