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Yoram Rosilio

Yoram Rosilio

Mitteltrakt, 1. Stock

Yoram Rosilio is a bassist in the fields of Jazz, improvised, contemporary and traditional music. He stands as a leader and composer of the International Big Band "Anti Brain Rubber Factory" and in the sextet « Tikkun ». He has been working with dance, performance, painting, Theatre, sculpture and other disciplines. Since 2018, he is the Co-founder and co-organizer of the prodject S.H.A.R.E (European network in creative music and improvised arts) and the Organizer of the SPIME (International Festival of improvisation in Paris). Since 2016, he is the Co-founder and artistic director of the Parisian Collective "Le Fondeur de Son" and of the attached phonographic label LFDS Records.

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