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Linsey Knibbeler

Linsey Knibbeler

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Linsey is an artist, visual arts & design educator, and human rights specialist, from The Netherlands. With a BeD in visual arts & design and currently pursuing an MA in Applied Arts in Human Rights at Die Angewandte in Vienna, she imparts her knowledge to students of all ages, teaching art, English, and engineering through innovative interdisciplinary approaches. In her artistic endeavors, Linsey delves into the depths of human experience, particularly focusing on faces and the collective. She explores alternative art forms, seeks to decolonize artistic expressions, and tirelessly investigates sustainable and ecologically conscious art-making. To her, art is a state of being, a means of personal and societal expression, and a powerful tool for driving social change and justice. Embracing a collaborative ethos, Linsey thrives in the company of fellow creatives, finding inspiration at the Semmelweisklinik. This space symbolizes a haven for birthing unconventional art, a realm of transition, and a nexus between realities—a playground and a canvas for an artist's imagination. Operating under the artist name Lins. Seeds, she aims to sow seeds of artistic contemplation and action, spanning from project initiation to philosophical musings, from painting with linseed oil to installation art, stage design, photography, writing, and dance. Moreover, she advocates for artistic dialogue, fosters safe spaces for marginalized voices, practices collective healing arts, promotes decolonial thinking, and promotes diversity. For Linsey, art encompasses all aspects of life. Her vision extends towards cultivating a more inclusive world by nurturing the seeds of tomorrow, with the hope that future society will flourish in unprecedented ways. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Linsey, a co-founder of @Het Kleinste Kamertje, an analog educational photo lab, spearheaded art programs for artists and children at the @de Nijverheid community in Utrecht, NL. Her initiatives included the creation of pinhole cameras, aimed at bridging the realms of analog, digital, and 3D art while emphasizing sustainability. Additionally, Linsey focused on developing innovative and eco-friendly costumes and camera-making techniques, with a particular emphasis on nurturing children's creativity.

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